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A Virtual Mission 
Trip to Tanzania!

Embark on an exhilarating expedition to Tanzania without leaving the comfort of your own home! Brace yourself for the captivating wonders that await you, from the cascading waterfalls and lush landscapes of Mt. Kilimanjaro, to the dry desert just a few kilometers to the west. Prepare to be enthralled as we immerse you in this awe-inspiring journey!


Our dynamic virtual mission trip, packed with mesmerizing photos, vivid narratives, heartfelt stories, and spiritual devotionals, is yours to savor—delivered straight to your inbox, completely FREE of charge, every single day!

During this action-packed 8-day adventure, we will explore vibrant churches, encounter indigenous tribes, participate in empowering pastors' conferences, conduct heartfelt home visits, and engage in the joyous fellowship of a spirited game of soccer! Brace yourself for a grand finale on day 8, when a thrilling challenge will grace your inbox, igniting your passion to further extend the transformative ministry you experienced in Tanzania!

Does this extraordinary opportunity resonate with your adventurous spirit? If so, click below!

"Going to Africa (Tanzania). I had no expectations and tried to keep my mind really open. Being recently retired and being able to go on this first time Mission what I observed through my eyes put me on brain overload. Everything is so different in Tanzania than what I was used to, so I tried to be observant and to learn at the same time observing the Tanzania's and Maasai/Arusha worship God was so beautiful. They love to sing their songs and dance like I have never experienced before. It seemed their goal was to "Raise the dust" to show God how much they loved him."

Jodie Whitfield
June 2023 Tanzania Trip Team Member

Our trip is family friendly with daily activities or challenges for your kids to enjoy! Take photos of your kids participating and tag us on instagram (@mosaic_intl) with the hashtag #MosaicVirtualMission


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Get to packing! We have an amazing journey ahead of us!

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