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The Philippines is home to well over 7,000 islands and is one of the most dynamic economies in the East Asia Pacific region. This nation is full of resilient + joyful people, however the challenges of poverty, human trafficking, and education remain a major challenge. Thankfully, there are much more than 7,000 churches who God can use to make a holistic impact in their communities.
live below the poverty line
108 million
people trapped in modern slavery

In spite of the overwhelming levels of poverty and both short & long term hurdles, there are glimmers of hope to be found and that's where our strategic partnership with dozens of local churches come into play, particularly under the leadership of our key partners, Pastors Edwin & Jo Dueñas.

Edwin and Jo Dueñas are our key partners in the Philippines. They have two children, Kate and Roman, who are in their twenties. Their love for missions within the Philippines began in 2001 when they served on a medical mission under Asian Relief Medical Services (for which they are now national coordinators). Edwin studied at Fuller Theological Seminary and moved back to the Philippines to start a program to assist and impact low-income youth, giving them a better chance at a prosperous future. In their free time they enjoy travel and riding their bicycles!
Together we have made an enormous impact on the community through various relief, development, discipleship and mobilization initiatives. This includes typhoon relief to thousands of families through food distributions and emergency housing needs, partnering with the Philippine Navy & Army as well as dozens of other local churches, and MUCH more - including large scale medical missions to various parts of the Philippines.
The largest project we have started is the Dream Center in Tabaco City, Albay, a place that provides a safe haven for children and teens. The Dream Center is home to Pastor Edwin & Jo's church, a preschool, an after school student center, and a new multi purpose home that will host various trainings, guest housing, food distribution, and a place of refuge for families seeking safety during future typhoons.
We also have plans to establish more Dream Centers throughout the Philippines and abroad to empower families to reach their dreams and rise out of poverty. In fact we have recently purchased land in another region north of Manila and will be developing it in the months ahead! Reach out to help or join The Circle, more info below.
Let's invest in the Philippines (and beyond) together. Give once or join The Circle giving community to make the most powerful impact possible. 
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