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 South Asia is home to 1/4th of the world’s population with over 4,000 different ethnic groups, 650 individual languages, and more than 6 practiced religions. In this diverse and beautiful collection of nations, Christians are still actively persecuted. This hasn’t stopped local leaders from rising up to plant churches, care for their neighbors, and spread the Good News in their villages and towns.
1.9 billion
216 million
live below the poverty line
churches our partner is hoping to plant by 2025

In spite of the overwhelming levels of poverty and both short & long term hurdles, there are glimmers of hope to be found and that's where our strategic partnership with dozens of local churches come into play, particularly under the leadership of our key partner, Abhijit.

Edwin and Jo Dueñas are our key partners in the Philippines. They have two children, Kate and Roman, who are in their twenties. Their love for missions within the Philippines began in 2001 when they served on a medical mission under Asian Relief Medical Services (for which they are now national coordinators). Edwin studied at Fuller Theological Seminary and moved back to the Philippines to start a program to assist and impact low-income youth, giving them a better chance at a prosperous future. In their free time they enjoy travel and riding their bicycles!
STEP Ministries has roots grounded in South Asia, raising up local leadership since 2017 to plant churches, provide educational opportunities, train and equip women, and resource indigenous pastors and churches.


Mosaic International connected with this ministry in 2020 to help provide COVID food relief as well as assist with the construction of a church building in South Asia, but we didn’t want to stop there. The Christian church in South Asia is growing, despite persecution and lack of resources, and churches are in need of financial support in order to grow toward self-sustainability. 


With a tiered initiative that helps each church achieve self-sustainability gradually, STEP International introduced Mosaic to a young church plant in need of partnership. In 2022 we committed to sponsoring this indiginous-led church in South Asia.

Let's invest in South Asia (and beyond) together. Give once or join The Circle giving community to make the most powerful impact possible. 
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