We don't prescribe ready made solutions. We build relationships.


The local church is the hope of the world. Your support gives it strength.


Your generous support will make a very real & direct impact in the lives of real people, and we will always show you proof.

drone aerial photo of an outdoor marketplace in tanzania africa near kilimanjaro
Your one time donations will fund our 2021 priorities. 
Your monthly gift will help us plan for the future and fund our 2021 priorities. 
Sponsor an entire project in one of our communities and follow the progress with our monthly reports. Email mark@mosaicinternational.org 
Here is a short video that highlights some of the impact we made together in 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic. Check out The Circle to learn more about what it looks like to keep the momentum going in the future.
Hi, we're Mark & Brittany, founders of Mosaic International. 
We've spent the past 10 years serving some of the world's most impoverished communities in sub-saharan Africa and Papua New Guinea. Several of those years were spent raising our babies in Tanzania and learning how we can best equip our friends and neighbors in poverty to rise above their circumstances to thrive rather than just survive. 
We have a passion to see the local church rise up and be change agents in their own regions. We believe that local pastors are at the very core of rural life in developing countries, where they are intimately familiar with the most basic needs in their communities, yet often feel powerless to meet those needs or ease the suffering they see in front of them because they lack the funds to do so.
In a world where many outside organizations come in suggesting one-size-fits-all solutions, we come in to build relationships. 
By choosing to listen rather than prescribe solutions, we not only create space for the most pressing needs to emerge, we demonstrate the love of Jesus through service and building trust. Once we uncover what is needed most, we work tirelessly with our tribe of generous givers to tangibly change lives in every community we operate.
We invite you to join us. The Circle is the most powerful way to do that.
Better Together,
Mark + Brittany


We believe right relationships with God and others is the center of the target. It's not part of the goal, it is the goal.


We love sharing stories of the change God is writing within the larger Story He is always telling.


We value transparency and believe you deserve to know exactly how funds are being used.
Mosaic International Ministries is a registered 501(c)3
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