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Mosaic's 2021 Impact Report!

Even though travel was still restricted, government mandates were in place in most nations, and COVID still changed the way we do things, our partners around the world accomplished mighty things with your financial donations.

Here are just a few of the ways you changed the world this year:


  • We hosted 3 conferences with 20-30 churches attending each conference. The final conference had 700 people in attendance including 200 children!

  • This has led to at least 10 individual conferences and seminars organized independently by the churches who have learned at these times together. When those you are investing in begin investing in others, you know God is at work!

  • 160 families were given food relief. This equaled 1650 kg of rice, 480 liters of cooking oil, 1300 kg of maize flour. This food relief equaled 5,000+ meals!

  • 50 clean water filters were provided which means 300+ people will have safe water to drink for the next 5+ years. Safe water reverses the cycle of poverty in many ways.

  • 35 solar lights, 10 larger solar sets, and 10 solar stands with lights were provided to those in need as well as equipping churches with the ability to host more gatherings at night!

  • 30 pastors and their spouses in desperate need were given food relief, support, and time to rest and recharge at a special retreat.

  • Two churches were provided roofs for their buildings.

  • We built a school in a remote / underserved village.

  • The number of churches our on-the-ground partners are working with has TRIPLED this year.

  • We hosted a special soccer tournament in an urban area in partnership with several churches & other organizations which attracted many teams and hundreds of their friends & neighbors.


  • 500 families given food relief

  • 200 children were fed

  • Charging stations were provided for over 800 families during the super typhoon

  • 150 provincial pastors were provided with food packs and financial aid

  • Over 50 students were ministered to PER DAY at the Student Center

  • 10 bicycles were bought for evangelism with the Good News Crew

  • 20 individuals were baptized

  • 3 outreaches with Bible Studies and Worship Services were established

  • The church building and playground was expanded

  • New land was purchased for a second Dream Center!!!

  • Employed local workers to build a Mission House for visiting pastors and Mosaic members. This mission house has already helped another local pastor have a place to stay for several months and will be a place of refuge during future storms, among other things.


  • In Rwanda, Pacifique and his team were able to support the women that had participated in the sewing program through food relief, aid, and job assistance.

  • We directly support the church on a monthly basis - They hosted multiple gatherings of pastors from around the Musanze district, as well as worship seminars and other events.

  • The church sent teams to minister to multiple nations in East Africa.

  • We have plans to do a lot more work in 2022 once the government lifts strict mandates & curfews that prevent even Rwandans from being free to move about the country.


  • We added a new country to the Mosaic network this year with Stacee Strickland, an American national, moving to support and assist a local church in Dangriga. As her sending agency, we look forward to supporting the local church's outreach projects and seeing God move through Stacee in 2022!

  • We hosted a sports camp for over 50 local children that connected them to their local church in Dangriga. By God's grace, 28 children responded to the gospel message as a result! We are working on ways to get them plugged in to church in order to grow in their new faith!


  • We provided Covid relief packages for 62 families in dire need of daily bread as the COVID outbreak ravaged large areas of this part of the continent.

  • Encouraged dozens pastors in the region through Zoom meetings. This particular region is dangerous to be a follower of Jesus so it was humbling to be in a place to encourage them.

  • Contributed to the construction of a new church in one particular area.


We raised over $4,000 during our First Annual Reverse the Cycle ride, more than doubled our recurring donor base, known as The Circle, and we had 110 new donors support Mosaic International this year. Thank you for making all of this possible!

There is so MUCH more in store and you know we'll tell you all about it & show you proof!!


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