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Floods + Landslides in Rwanda

We are going to build brand new homes for displaced families who lost everything. Here's how.


As you can see from the videos above, Musanze (Rwanda) got hit hard about a week ago, resulting in many deaths, homes & roads destroyed, while leaving hundreds of families displaced with nowhere to go. The government, although quite efficient, is understandably already actively working on their own nationwide response to COVID-19.

Thankfully, we believe that the local church is the hope of the world... And it just so happens that the very center of our work in Rwanda is at the epicenter of this disaster.

I've been in constant communication with Pastor Pacifique, (who sent those videos to me), working on a strategy for how we as a community can equip and send out the local church to respond to the immediate & longterm needs in Jesus' name.

Pacifique has been visiting friends & church members who have been affected, as well as a nearby elementary school with a local official where 41 families are now displaced. They are without a home and privacy while also having an extremely difficult time having enough food.

While we may not be able to help everyone, we can help someone... So we decided to start there, at the elementary school, with those 41 families.


In collaboration with the local government, rebuilding is possible. Here's how it will work:

They are willing to supply concrete and the iron sheets for roofing. We will provide bricks, sand, labor, and timber.

To build one brand new home we need a grand total of only $1,000. Literally $1,000 will build someone a brand new home. That's pretty remarkable when you think about it. We'd love to build all 41 but will do our best to fund as many as possible. Not to be overlooked, as an added bonus we'd be able to hire a lot of skilled workers there who are in dire need of work and would appreciate the income to help their families as well!

As always, times like this are when the local church can be salt and light in a dark time for many people. They can be the ones out in the community encouraging their neighbors, and demonstrating God's love for them in the midst of a terrible situation. Together we can help them, one at a time.


Would you consider forwarding this with your circle of friends, your church, or anyone who would be interested in helping? If you put us in touch we'd be more than happy to take it from there. You never know whose heart will be touched by this particular situation.

PS If you give, we will absolutely keep you updated with photos of the houses being built, and families being impacted. We'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Help spread the word to your circle of friends. Links to share are below.


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