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Helping 1000+ War-Torn Ukrainian Families

War torn ukraine families receive solar lights relief no power grid

Around Thanksgiving time (2022) we got word of a trusted organization in the Ukraine that knew of thousands of innocent families who were caught up in the war on their own soil and felt a call to help by any means necessary. One of their leaders reached out to us because they found out about the solar lights we have provided for thousands of families throughout East Africa, the Philippines, and beyond. The lights that have reversed the cycle of poverty when outside forces (natural disasters & man-made) have disintegrated their sense of wellbeing.

Long story short, we quickly received a very generous donation to cover the cost of 1,000 lights for these families, and after reaching out to you and other Mosaic contacts, we were able to raise funds for an additional 100 lights! By Christmas time we made the final purchase of 1,100 solar lights and sent them to Poland and eventually into homes of the most vulnerable families we could find in the Ukraine: families who had school aged children who have not had electricity for over 6 months.

Well, we recently got word that the 1,100 solar lights not only made it to Ukraine, but most of them already went to the locations where families need them the most!

The photos we have been receiving are from the Kharkiv region that was under occupation and there has not been ANY power for more than 6 months and in the middle of a brutal winter. Another area nearby our contact reported “became a known as a town where Russians killed many civilians and that was very much destroyed.” He let us know, “We gave lamps to family with small children who doesn’t have power.”

You'll find a few photos below of the beneficiaries of these lights, each one providing much needed relief in a time of unimaginable difficulty.

Thank you for the difference you have made and continue to make. More to come!

Better Together,



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