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The Act of Generosity that Changed a Life

At Mosaic International, we partner with an amazing team of pastors and people on the ground in the three countries we serve, doing the day-to-day work of spreading the good news of Jesus through building relationships and taking care of needs.

In Tanzania, our teammate Vickie Njogu has been traveling to provide aid for people around the country. Fishermen, Masai warriors, Muslims, and single mothers- Vickie makes sure that they are provided for.

For her, this is more than just providing relief- it is about being the miracle that people are looking for.

She recently met a pregnant woman whose husband is a fisherman. This family often doesn't have enough food and sleep on a mattress on their floor. They were so touched by the food relief Vickie brought that they decided to visit church the following Sunday.

Prompted by this act of generosity they had received, the woman (pictured below) then gave her life to Jesus and is now saving to buy a bible. And would you believe it, her husband is a Muslim but still allows her to attend church!

When people experience miracles, their lives are changed.

One pastor commented that he couldn’t believe that a gesture of generosity brought a new member to his church. In fact many have been amazed at such love and kindness. Receiving food or supplies in hard economic times has prompted many of the people that Vickie has met to become followers of Christ. Some have started attending local churches because of the relief aid that has been provided for them.

As we receive these reports from the field, we sit back and close our eyes. We picture Vickie and her husband, Francis, sitting with people and listening to their stories. We picture the joy of all involved as they tangibly see God moving in these communities, and we are amazed at the beautiful work that God is doing there.

Vickie says, “At times God allows us to see the impact of our ministry but even when He doesn't we are sure that things are happening. Lives are touched and changed big time.”

What a privilege to be a part of God’s work in these countries!

Thank you, from all of us, for choosing to invest in changing lives through Mosaic. We are grateful for you and excited for all that is in store in 2021 and beyond. Let's make 2021 our most impactful year yet. Sign up to give one time or recurring donations here.

PS Check out our brief 2020 year in review, it's truly amazing how much we accomplished together not in spite of the pandemic but because of the pandemic. Click below to see what we mean!


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