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Will You Accept the Just 1 Hour Challenge Today?

We see the effects of poverty around the globe on a daily basis. Just scroll through social media or turn on the news and you’ll be flooded with problems facing humanity: War, starvation, growing gaps between the rich and the poor, human trafficking, and so much more.

The world aches for answers, for restoration, for hope. We long to make a difference, to do the right thing and make every moment and every dollar count.

But the truth is it can be pretty overwhelming. Where do we even begin?

As we thought about how to help, we thought about how much the average American makes in just one hour at their job. For some that might be as little as $8/hr. Is that enough to make any meaningful difference in the world?

The answer is Yes! Today we want to challenge you to simply work your normal hours, setting aside just one hour’s wage to help someone else on the other side of the globe.

Think about it this way:

$8/month could provide critical food relief to families in the Philippines.

$20/month could provide solar lights for two families (and their friends) without access to electricity in Rwanda, Africa, enabling children to thrive in their educations and help their families rise above poverty.

$50/month could provide safe drinking water for a family and their neighbors for the next FIVE+ YEARS in Tanzania, Africa.

All through local churches who are eager to link arms with you to make a difference in their communities. Just one hour’s wage over time will change entire communities, the health of families, the education opportunities of children, and so much more. Just one hour can ensure that pastors who have given their lives to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ can have the peace of mind that their families will also be provided for as they sacrifice so much for their neighbors.

It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Work as normal

Step 3: Make an Impact

Just one hour can change the world.

Bonus: Challenge someone in your inner circle by sending this to them as well!


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