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Meet Tyler Reber!

Hey there! This is your new Creative Director speaking. I’d like to welcome you aboard this journey into my life. Skies are clear so we’re not expecting turbulence but you might experience the ever so slight feeling of joy and inspiration. Buckle up and enjoy your flight!

I think that intro tells you everything you need to know about me. I’m a young guy with a pretty silly sense of humor… oh, and a heart the missions field. I absolutely love going on mission trips with my camera. I mean, I am a professional photographer after all! I love what I do. If you see me and I don’t have a camera in my hand there’s probably something horribly wrong. Earlier this year, I spent a week in South Asia with our founder Mark Sherman and had the privilege of documenting our time there. Mark came to learn a lot about me during our time together and asked me to share some fun facts with you guys. So here goes!

Fun Fact 1: I have 2 beautiful baby boys. Our oldest is 8 and his name is Comet, our youngest is 1 and his name is Kota. They’re dogs… not humans. Bet I had you tricked for a minute.

Kota (left) and Comet (Right)

Fun Fact 2: I have a gorgeous girlfriend named Lizzy. She is the apple of my eye. Lizzy has grown a heart for missions and loves playing with kids!

Photo 1: Lizzy is on the right... just wanted to make that clear. Photo 2: Lizzy playing with kids in Costa Rica Fun Fact 3: I’m a teacher! Well kinda. This year (2022/2023) is my first school year teaching photography to high school and middle school students at a private school in California. It just so happens that this is also my last year teaching. Teaching isn’t for me. Fun Fact 4: Although I might not cut out to teach daily, I love teaching photography workshops. Especially when we’re talking about how to photograph God’s movement in the nations. I've had the privilege of helping build an amazing photography ministry at Cornerstone Community Church in Wildomar, California. The way I share ministry and my love for others is through photography. I’ve helped pour into people curious about photography and those that want to learn more about how God uses the creative arts!

Me doing my picture taking thing on a Sunday!

Fun Fact 5: I’m enneagram type 3 wing 4. I have no idea what that means but maybe you do. My Myers-Briggs personality type is INFJ-T. I also have no idea what this means but I’m the same as Lady Gaga so I think it means I’m amazing!

Well that’s all I got for my fun facts but you’re probably wondering what exactly I’ll be doing at Mosaic International! That’s a great question! I mean that in the sincere way… and not in the way where I have no idea what I’m doing either. At Mosaic I’ll be working be working on all things social media, blogs, web design and (of course) photography. I also have the privilege of visiting our international teams to capture what God is doing in their communities and find creative ways to tell you all about the impact you are making! I am so excited for this journey and cannot wait to talk to you all in the near future!

Love you already, Tyler Reber


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