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What Makes Mosaic Different?

There are a lot of non-profits and missionaries out there asking for your money, so why should you buy into what we at Mosaic International are saying? Why should you make a financial sacrifice to this organization and not another?

Honestly, as much as we need your financial support, we respect and love lots of non-profits out there. We don't claim to be better, but we do try to be an organization that you can trust and believe in to make a sustainable difference around the world.

Here are 5 things that make Mosaic International different:

  1. We follow the lead of the locals. We don't go into communities and enact projects first thing. When we partner with a community or church we spend a lot of time listening to the local pastors and leaders, asking questions, and learning about the projects they are already doing. We acknowledge that these pastors and local leaders have been working tirelessly in their communities for years. We want to join them, not lead them. When we join in, we ask how we can help or if we can help, instead of offering solutions that aren't needed.

  2. We start with relationships. We know the local pastors and leaders well and we trust them. We have shared in births and deaths, joys and sorrows together. We aren't strangers, we are friends. We communicate with our on-the-ground partners on a weekly basis.

  3. We don't prescribe ready-made solutions. We focus on four main areas: relief, development, discipleship, and mobilization. We know that each community is different and we act accordingly. We believe that relief work can be the first step to developing a relationship and showing the generosity and care of God. This can lead to opportunities for development, providing sustainable solutions for betterment. Ultimately, our relief and development projects introduce people to a relationship with their local church. This leads to discipleship and mobilization projects that help support the local church and mobilize them to impact their communities with the love of God.

  4. We support local businesses and laborers. When we can, we use local businesses for our projects, like the Solar Sisters company in Tanzania and local manufacturers of clean water filters. When disasters hit and villages need to be rebuilt, we pay local laborers to rebuild homes, churches, and community buildings. We aim to support the local economy in any way we can.

  5. We connect resources with the relationships we build, and we show you proof. We are a team of storytellers and we love using that gift to show you exactly how your money is being spent. Where God is moving but resources are scarce, we connect your financial support with needs around the world. In doing so, we value complete transparency on where funds are used and show you the resulting impact of your contribution.

If you would like to become a part of Mosaic International, we hope you will join The Circle. The Circle is our community of monthly givers that fund our projects around the world. Feel free to also look around on our website to see what we have accomplished in the past in Tanzania, Rwanda, Belize, and The Philippines.


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