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Volleyball is the Way to Go In Belize!

Stacee Strickland (Field Director) loves sports. It is one of the reasons she moved to Belize in the first place- to partner with the local church and use sports as an outreach to the community. As she has adjusted to a new country in the past few months, an incredible opportunity arose for her. It wasn't a sports camp, but a group of people in the neighborhood who play backyard volleyball on a weekly basis. Not only is it fun, but it has been a great way for Stacee to connect with her community!

At the end of April, things got even more competitive with a backyard tournament. 12 kids that play in her neighbor's backyard competed. Though it was the 2nd one that her new friends, the Sabals, have hosted, this was the first one that Stacee got to help with! Stacee got to referee for the kids and had a blast helping the kids learn about sportsmanship and competition.

Stacee writes, ". . . it was so great to see these kids work hard for those trophies. I'm blown away, daily, that I get to live this life and invest in these kids in this way!"

Getting to be a part of community volleyball has influenced this summer's sports camp in Belize as well. This year, in addition to football (American soccer) and basketball, they will be adding volleyball. In order to be prepared for the kids this summer, the team in Belize is in need of:

20 volleyballs (size 25.5-26.5)

3 volleyball nets

Rope for bounding lines

2 spike trainers

6 whistles

10 basketballs

4 basketball nets

. . . and more!

If you are interested in donating any of the needed sports equipment, feel free to email and she will coordinate with you.

No matter if you are a lover of sports or just a spectator, we hope that you will be in prayer for the camps in Belize this summer. Pray that the Gospel would be evident in all that is said and done and that lives would be changed with the good news of Jesus Christ!


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