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"There was no peace in my heart"

We have been given permission to show these photos but for the protection of himself and his family, we are not including the name or location of this pastor. Thanks for understanding the seriousness of the situation!

We would love to introduce you to the pastor our community is helping in a very practical way. He was brought up in a family of a different faith and also lost his parents as a young child, leading him to being involved in smuggling and other criminal activities.

As he describes, “There was no peace in my heart for God. So I tried to find peace through drinking alcohol.” Later on he would hear the gospel spoken for the first time and after accepting JC in his life he found true peace.

Several years later he received training in the Word, was baptized and started an evangelism and church planting ministry. A faith community was established and they began meeting together. They have a heart to meet the needs around them and share the love of JC through discipleship groups, with a target of planting 6 house fellowships and prepare 4 church planters to extend their reach in south Asia.

It blesses us that we have been able to encourage this man along with several dozen other faith leaders throughout this particular part of the world.

*It’s also exciting to know that through the generosity of our donors we are in a place to help this church install electrical, flooring, windows, and paint. We found out about the need on November 15th, received (and sent) the funds on November 16th, and got these photos in my inbox on December 23rd.*

We love what we do and we love showing you proof of what you’re investing in! Thank you and please continue to pray for the persecuted church in South Asia and beyond.


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