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The Dream of the Dream Center is Coming True

The Dream Center is expanding to a new campus in the Philippines

The goal of The Dream Center and Edwin and Jo's vision for their community and beyond, was always to replicate their model in other parts of the Philippines. The Dream Center is an essential hub for services in a rural part of the country. It serves pastors, adults, and kids alike. It helps educate, provide resources, and safety in times of need. Therefore, when the opportunity arose for Edwin, Jo, and Mosaic to have a part in buying new land for a Dream Center in another part of the Philippines, we jumped on it! Pastor Vito & Pastor Darius are leaders of a network called Christians In Action and are based north of Manila, in Pangasinan. They've been connected with Mosaic International for a while. They, along with other supporters, bought a 4 acre plot of which Edwin and Mosaic own a half acre and will be developing in the near future to meet tangible & spiritual needs in that part of the country. We are honored to be involved, as this is a project completely run by Philippine nationals. As the only western partners, we are grateful to be trusted to link arms with such big projects and we are thankful to get to partner with such incredible local leadership. Cannot wait to keep you posted and let you know how you can get involved and maybe even come visit in person one day! Click here to learn more about the exciting work happening in the Philippines.


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