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More than just bricks

I could go on and on about all the exciting developments happening in the Philippines literally right now as you read this run on sentence...

Of course if you're on Facebook + Instagram + Twitter you may have seen an update here or there, but today I want to simply unpack what I see in the photo above (and a few photos below for good measure).

Because what I see is much more than just bricks. More than even just a children's church for that matter.

I see a place where just a few months ago lay an empty plot of land and a big typhoon.

I see people & pieces coming together one at a time to form a children's church - a place where they will likely come to nearly 365 days each year because they feel safe there because the neighborhood can be rough.

I see a room forming that will be used for spiritual formation, discipleship, and biblical education.

I see a local construction crew that we hired from the community to come in and earn a livable wage and provide for their families in a time where earning money is more crucial than ever due to the typhoon.

I see more than one pastor out there not only laboring but also building relationships.

I see a huge smile on a boy who has a very complicated story and yet here he is learning from his elders, growing as a person, overcoming hardship, and learning skills that will last a lifetime.

Last thing for now: I also see faithful stewardship of generous donations given by heroes just like you. I daily see and thank God for each name on the list of our monthly supporters as well as those who donated one time specifically to help build this church and so much more specifically since December.

In conclusion, what I see is that we can accomplish far more together than we can alone. Do you see it?

Better Together,



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