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7 Ways to Cultivate Change this December

It is the time of year when we all simultaneously slow down for the holidays and rush to the finish line of 2022. We can all be glad that this year was "back to normal" after 2 years of COVID shutdowns, and we are proud to share that our global partners wasted no time in getting back into their communities and making Christ known.

As we wind down 2022, we want to share 7 ways that you can "cultivate change" in 2023, directly impacting people in need. We will share some wins from the past year, hear directly from our partners, and end the year celebrating all of the incredible ways that God is moving around the world.

So today, let's talk about how your year-end donation can cultivate change by providing necessary relief after natural disasters.

Having just watched Florida get hit with a massive hurricane, we are all probably familiar with the clean-up and repairs needed after a natural disaster. But imagine a community that doesn't have the resources to rebuild. Imagine getting hit with typhoons year after year, constantly rebuilding with very little budget or manpower.

This is often the case for our partners in the Philippines. In the past few years, Mosaic has helped to rebuild a local church, pass out relief food and supplies, and contributed monetarily to help multiple local churches rebuild the communities in which they serve. But the need is always far greater than we can manage alone.

This past May, when the Sherman family spent some time on the ground in the Philippines, they met with a group of pastors who want to be more proactive about disaster relief. Instead of reacting to these events, they want to have a set plan in place.

This is where you can help!

Year-end donations help Mosaic be prepared when disaster strikes. When we have the resources, we can immediately answer the call for help when typhoons, landslides, floods, or famine hit our partner communities. We want to continue partnering with the local church to help rebuild local communities.


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