Life on mission is not just about being disciples, but also about
making disciples who in turn make more disciples.
children reached through evangelism 
men and women invested in through seminars & trainings
pastors in our immediate network for collaboration
At the heart of our work is strengthening the local church to build disciples. We provide resources, guidance, and support to pastors as they hold conventions, visit villages and tribes, and improve their church's resources. We encourage unity among believers and know that sustainability means initiatives must be led by locals. Supporting the mission of the local church may look like building a meeting space or providing instruments for the youth band. One thing we are sure of, we are guests to the great work already happening in these communities.
Our mission is to work side by side with pastors in developing countries to help them meet concrete needs in their communities. Because we choose to build relationships first rather than prescribe ready made solutions, we are strategically positioned to do three things: (1) know the exact details of what's going on in real time; (2) tailor make solutions to those needs; and (3) get funding directly into the hands of those most vulnerable. Our relational approach means more people are reached with longer lasting results, every time.
This doesn't happen on its own. We build the relationships, but it is our passionate community of monthly donors who fuel the movement & make the impact real. Every story has a problem to overcome and a hero to bring the solution to reality... You are the hero. Your generosity + God's love brings relief and builds sustainability in the initiatives we pursue together. Join us in changing the story for God's glory by signing up for our monthly donor community The Circle.
We value your generosity and we value the partnerships we have with each church and community we work in. Therefore, proof is extremely critical to our work. From food relief in Tanzania, to building homes for families displaced by floods in Rwanda, to putting hundreds of roofs on homes destroyed by typhoons in the Philippines, below are some photos showing exactly how funds were used. In all future initiatives, you can fully expect to see proof of the impact you make possible.  

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disabled man holding crutches smiles in front of the house being built for him in tanzania, africa


We believe right relationships with God and others is the center of the target. It's not part of the goal, it is the goal.


We love sharing stories of the change God is writing within the larger Story He is always telling.


We value transparency and believe you deserve to know exactly how funds are being used.