the little LIGHT that opens doors

partnering with MPOWERD to get light to people who have no electricity

every light means

Used with permission from Mpowerd.

With your help, we will make one just like this soon!


You can check out the product specs by clicking here,

but more importantly you need to hear the voices of people 

whose real lives are being transformed by the product.  


Mark (director of MOSAIC) will summit Kili in January '17 to help give lights to those with no electricity.


When the sun goes down, students struggle to do homework, businesses & clinics close, families use limited income on kerosene and wood which is unhealthy for them and the environment. It's difficult and unsafe to walk anywhere,

Mark was doing work one evening when the power went out, as it usually does. Out of habit he casually reached to the solar light next to him, turned it on, and kept working. But this time a light turned on in his heart. Millions of others in this nation are in the dark every night, and one solution was in his hand. He wrote an email immediately and just like that, a new partnership was born with MPOWERD

The goal: Kili is 19,341 feet tall, so we would love to raise $19,341. It's a mountain sized goal for sure, but in the same way it takes one step at a time to get to the top of Kili, it will take many people coming together to summit this goal. Together we can share the light with nearly 2,000 families throughout East Africa.  


85% of Tanzanians lack access to electricity.

But there's a solution readily available: The Sun.

Mark will raise funds by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in January '17.


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