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Today We Salute the Moms!

Today there is a mother in a remote village in the Philippines, making dinner for her family. As her children head in for the night and the sun sets, she is able to continue taking care of the cooking and helping her children with homework because she now has solar lanterns to light up her home.

Today there is a mother with her babies in Tanzania, traveling many kilometers to a church conference hosted by local pastors. She has come to learn more about Jesus Christ as her children get to attend a similar program. Later she will return to her own community, get involved in her church, and spread the gospel to her neighbors.

Today there are mothers in Rwanda, singing and praising God with all of their might. They are attending groups to learn more about their own role in ministry and to be empowered to preach the gospel. They have found a family in their church and been transformed by the way the church cares for them.

Today there are mothers in Belize signing their kids up for a summer Sports Camp. It sounds fun, but is also a chance for their children to learn about the God that these moms have loved for years.

There are moms all over the world that have been impacted by the work that God has graciously allowed Mosaic International to be a part of. Today and every day we celebrate the women who work hard for their families, the women who are mothers to children that are not theirs, and the women who spread the good news of Jesus Christ in their homes, their communities, and beyond.

We are all shaped by mother figures in our lives, and at Mosaic International we are inspired daily by the work of women and mothers around the world. Happy Mother's Day and may God bless you and your families!


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