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Make Dreams a Reality Today!

2023 is ALMOST here! Can you believe it!? This year has flown by, but what a wonderful year it has been! We have seen God's faithfulness as He works through our on-the-ground partners time and time again. One thing we strive to make true about Mosaic is our goal to make the dreams of local pastors come true, not force our own dreams upon them. Our ideas are always adaptable, always changing, and always based on the input of our local pastors and their desires for the community.

Here is how Vickie, our Field Director in Tanzania, puts it:

"We believe that the local church is the answer to the community, and so the pastors leading the churches are very instrumental in transforming communities.

After building relationships with them, we get an avenue to peek into what motivates and drive them. We believe that the various pastors we work with have a God-given mandate and each has a call that they should fulfill. Each one knows their community well and they have plans and ideas of impacting their communities.

We come along to support their God given vision. We do not bring ideas or even our own God-given visions to them but rather support what is their heart. We trust their discretion on issues and listen to their advice on ministering to their community. We inspire them and advise on how to maximize their potential. Ours is filling in the cracks but they do the foundation and the building.

We identify things that could make them better leaders like trainings. We endeavor to make them the community hero by letting them take a lead in soccer outreaches, food donations etc. This eventually creates honor in the eyes of the communities they work in.

Pastors desire to be united across different denominations. We create avenues for them to meet on a round table; share their victories and challenges too. We come across as neutral partners who will never discriminate on the basis of denomination differences. We are able to reconcile any disagreeing parties."

Isn't that beautiful? Isn't that such a picture of how the Church should be? We love that God allows us to be a small part of His work around the world and we truly hope that you will choose to partner with us in this work as well. Your year-end donation sets us up for all of our 2023 projects and helps us to plan for how we can distribute funds and help wherever needed or whatever happens.

It is a beautiful thing to make dreams come true.


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