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How Does Mosaic's Model Work?

If you get our emails, have checked out our website, or follow us on social media, you will notice that we have a lot of amazing things going on in multiple countries. Though we are always about showing you the proof that your donations are going to good work, you may wonder how we accomplish it all from the States! So, let's break down how the Mosaic model works.

First, we always start by building relationships with local churches, pastors, and individuals in our partner countries. Some of these relationships were built when our founder lived overseas, some are people we met through friends or other trusted partners, and some are friends we have made in the States that now live abroad in their home country.

We then send financial donations to these individuals/organizations/pastors on a monthly basis. Some of our field work is handled by one or two specific people that then distribute or use the funds as they see fit. In Rwanda, for example, we support the church that our partner Pacifique runs with a monthly donation.

In addition, when new or urgent needs come up, we try to send additional funding to help meet those needs. This may be the rebuilding of a town after a natural disaster, extra funds for a large church conference, or funds to support clean water in a community that is in desperate need.

Finally, we stay in communication and dream together! We try to visit each field location at least once a year to encourage our partners, dream together in the same time zone, and see all that is being accomplished. We also have monthly phone calls with our partners to brainstorm together and hear about needs and wins.

We have found that this model produces incredible results. The people that know best are the people that live in these communities, that have roots there, that spend every day trying to make their communities thrive economically as well as spiritually. It also enables a majority of our funds to go straight to the field.

We love to be transparent at Mosaic International, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask us!

If you would like to be a part of our monthly donor community, known as The Circle, just visit and sign up to be a part of our community today!


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