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Great Updates from Rwanda!

"I am excited by how the hearts of people are open and how they yearn for the presence of God." Daisy, Field Director, Rwanda

Yesterday we got the opportunity to speak with Pastor Pacifique and our Field Director, Daisy, in Rwanda. Despite the fact that it was the end of a long day for them, their joy and excitement for what God is doing in their midst was tangible. Every time we speak with them we leave encouraged and overjoyed to know that God is STILL active and moving, transforming lives and bringing people into relationship with Him. Here are a few of the exciting updates from our Rwanda team: God provided greatly for their trip to Kenya last month, where they held a conference for worship leaders and pastors. Their goal was to train and impact worship leaders, pastors, and church leaders to move away from performance and into actively seeking the presence of God in their services. Last year, they were able to do a similar conference in Zambia and there have been tangible results in both countries. The lives of the pastors and leaders, their churches, and their members have changed since the meetings together. Unity and growth has been seen- God be praised! In November, the church will lead a big conference called the Kingdom Business Forum, bringing together leaders from Rwanda, Zambia, and Kenya, and the world! They have confirmed attendees and speakers from as far as the US, Germany, and South Africa. Preparations have been underway, with meetings in multiple districts and countries to prepare. Daisy told us that the hearts of Christian businessmen in their region have been opened and they are understanding and interested in the concept of a Kingdom-minded business. "The hearts of people are yearning to know how they can partner with God in their businesses to impact their society. . .They want to learn to do business the Kingdom way." And in VERY exciting news, the Glorious Academy building project is underway!! Glorious Academy (nursery and primary level), the Secondary School, and an administration block will be built. The original had to be closed down with the covid regulations, but now it will be able to open again. The land has been purchased, the designs are ready, and the building permit has come through from the government. Pray for the finances to be provided for this project and that the church will find the right people to work on building the preschool. We are genuinely grateful that we get to support Fatherhood Sanctuary in Rwanda and that we can be a part of praying and seeking God on their behalf. Pray for wisdom, rest, and guidance as they embark on their many projects, outreaches, and plans for the future. We serve such a good and faithful God!


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