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Expanding the Dream through Sustainability

Pastor Darius and his wife Juliet lead busy lives. As the name suggests, they pastor a church in Pangasinan in the Philippines. They also run a pharmacy and Juliet is a teacher at the local school. It would seem like they have enough on their plate, but recently they boldly took on the task of being the leaders of the new Dream Center in that region. And wow, is it exciting to see what they have planned!

In 2021, Mosaic was able to help contribute financially to a 4-acre plot of land, with the hopes of building a new Dream Center together with other local pastors. The current Dream Center has been an epicenter of God's love and provision, with a church, youth center, preschool, and more on the campus. With the hope of expanding, the land was purchased and Darius and Juliet began leading the charge for a sustainable and worthwhile community center.

Already, their ideas are incredible. To help raise money for the construction and future property expenses, they plan to sell the produce that already grows on the land and start using the existing land for other growing projects. In addition, they have already connected with a wholesaler who will provide the raw materials for basket-weaving, a popular craft in the Philippines, and buy back the finished product.

This will enable Pastor Darius and his wife to begin a training program for 20 families in basket weaving for sustainable income. The training will last for 2 days and Mosaic will provide some of the financial resources to make the training happen.

There isn't even a building on the land yet, but already the local pastors, with Darius and Juliet at the lead, are making incredible strides in providing for the community. They have dreams and plans that will start long before the first part of the building is constructed, and in the process multiple people will receive sustainable employment at the Dream Center's second campus. Isn't that wonderful?

We cannot wait to see how God changes lives through this four-acre plot!


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