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Lights Out.

As the golden sun began its descent beyond the horizon, casting a warm glow over your quaint Tanzanian village, the day's light gradually dwindled. With each passing moment, darkness encroached, and you felt a sense of urgency. You hurriedly tried to complete your tasks before the light completely vanished, for once darkness fell, life became significantly harder.


You were a fortunate student attending school, and your teachers diligently assigned homework to be completed before the next day. However, without light, you struggled to even see the assignments clearly. This wasn't the first time this had happened, and you noticed your grades suffering as a result. Your family's poverty-stricken circumstances made it impossible for them to afford electricity, leaving you and your family in a constant struggle against the odds.


As you glanced over, you saw your mother cooking a meager meal over a small fire, but even that flickering flame couldn't bring enough light to the room. The challenges stacked against you seemed insurmountable, but you knew that education was the key to reversing the cycle of generational poverty that had plagued your family for so long.


With determination in your heart, you pushed forward, determined to create a brighter future for yourself and your family. School was your beacon of hope, and you knew that through education, you could pave the way for a better life. Every day, you faced the darkness, both literal and metaphorical, striving to overcome the obstacles that stood between you and a brighter tomorrow. The dream of lifting your family out of poverty kept you going, and you were determined to find a way, no matter how hard it seemed.


In this Tanzanian village, where the sunsets marked the end of each day, your journey was one of resilience and hope. With every step forward, you aimed to dispel the shadows of poverty and embrace the light of knowledge, for you understood that with education, you could illuminate the path to a better future for yourself and your loved ones.


The Steps.

We've done this event ourselves and these are the steps that worked best for us! Make the event work for yourself and your ministry! 


Lights Out.

Solar Lights.


Intro the event and the concepts that you'll be exploring! There will be a lot covered very quickly so take your time introducing it all!

Even during the day, homes without windows are pitch black. Families still have to live, do chores, cook, and do homework. This is your groups time to see just how difficult simple tasks are in the dark.

Pass out those solar lights! Groups will be complete the exact same tasks as the last exercise but this time, with light!

Pastors, this is your time to shine. Jesus calls us to be the light of the world, share this message with your groups!

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