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OCTOBER 21, 2022
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Poverty is often generational. It becomes a cycle that can be extremely difficult to get out of. Families in poverty face a myriad of obstacles when they try to rise above their circumstances and stop the cycle.
This is why Mosaic International wants to "Reverse the Cycle" of poverty and change the future of families around the world. We don't only want to alleviate today's needs, we want to make sure that future generations have the tools they need to rise out of poverty and live a prosperous future. Together, we want to Reverse the Cycle! 


This year we are raising money to support local pastors throughout the developing nations in which we work. Did you know we are connected with over 50 small, indigenous churches throughout the world? These pastors work tirelessly for their communities, but often lack the resources they need to provide for their vision and keep their churches running. We come alongside these pastors to help them accomplish their vision for their own communities. We don't prescribe ready-made solutions, but rely on building relationships and listening to the passion of pastors around the world. After all, they know their communities best! This year, we are so excited to be able to assist more local pastors through your support and registration!


Whether you are on training wheels or training for an Ironman Race, this event is for you. All levels and participation are welcome.


This is a virtual event, meaning you can ride your bike any time on the 1st of October, any distance, and with whoever you want! You can join the family ride or challenge yourself to a century (100 miles), a chill ride at the beach or around your favorite park, or hit the gym (or home gym) for a stationary ride.


Cost: $40 per adult (fun ride) and $20 for children 14 years old and younger. $50 for competitive riders in 25, 50, or Century ride.


BONUS: Everyone who registers will receive FREE Mosaic goodies & a custom medal!

Mosaic International's founder, Mark Sherman, did his first century (100 miles) last year and will be committing to do the same this year! Would you join him or sponsor his challenge?
Danny lives in Moshi at the foothill of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. His many cycle adventures inspired us to do this event in the first place! That's right, we owe RTC to this guy! We can't wait to share the route he's challenging himself to do in October, it is pretty spectacular...
Pastor Edwin & Jo Dueñas lead all of our initiatives in the Philippines. They're also avid cyclists who regularly ride at the foothill of Mayon Volcano near their house. They'll be leading the way in the Philippines, let's cheer them on!
Your business / church team can make a tangible, global impact. Below are sponsorship levels and corresponding benefits of ways we will say thank you to our audience:

BRONZE ($100-$500) 

Event Medal

Certificate of Appreciation 

Social media shoutouts

SILVER ($501-$1,000)

All of bronze plus:

Name + logo on social media posts throughout event promotion

Shout out / placement on video promos & social media

GOLD ($1,001-$5,000)

All of silver plus:

Logo included on social media cover photos

Special thank you + logo on email marketing + RTC blog posts

Mark will give you shoutouts + tag on race day updates

Zoom call with one of our partners overseas


In addition to helping Mosaic International further our mission, here are 5 reasons to take the sponsorship challenge that will benefit you:


(1) Mosaic International is a registered 501c3 nonprofit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.


(2) Approximately 84% of Americans ages 21-35 consider companies’ commitments to social issues when deciding where to work.


(3) Giving back appeals to your customers. An estimated 91% of consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a good cause.

(4) We encourage your team to participate in this event! Those who exercise together, build morale together. Those who have a goal will perform more consistently and be more productive. 

(5) We'll share your name associated with our cause which will lead to increased brand visibility, lead generation, and goodwill associated with your name.

We are also looking for sponsors to help with prizes for winning racers. If you would like to donate a prize, or have any other creative ideas, please contact us at!
  • Do I have to ride a certain amount of miles?
    Nope, as a virtual event you can do it however, with whoever, whenever, you want! There are options for higher mile rides, but just a short ride around the neighborhood works too!
  • Do I have to show proof that I actually rode my bike on the day of the event?
    No proof necessary. Everyone who pays the entry fee will receive a reusable water bottle. The additional prizes are optional contests you can participate in.
  • I don't have a bike. Can I still participate in some way?
    If you don't have a bike, that is ok. Feel free to give a donation at or help us raise awareness by sharing on social media. You can also use a stationary bike at your home or gym.
  • Do I get a prize for participating?
    Yes, everyone gets a custom medal, regardless of age, with the price of registration. Be sure to tag us in a picture with your new hardware!
  • Is Mosaic International a nonprofit?
    Yes, we are a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and proceeds go toward benefitting impoverished communities in developing nations.
  • Can I donate more to Mosaic than the entry fee?
    Yes! You can sign up with your registration to do additional fundraising, although it is not required. In addition, you can make donations directly at
  • How do I report how many miles I/we rode? Is that required?
    It is not required, but if you want to report your mileage and time you can do so by emailing us or tagging @mosaic_intl on social media along with the hashtag #reversethecycleride.
  • How do I stay connected with Mosaic International after RTC?
    Great question! We would love for you to join The Circle as a monthly donor where you'll: make an impact month after month, receive regular updates and stories from the field, learn about other opportunities and events, and engage with our international partners (and even visit them)!
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