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The Mosaic Model, The Sherman Family, and the Philippines

Have you ever wondered why we do things the way we do? It may seem weird that our staff lives in America or that we only visit our sites once a year. How can that possibly work? Why do we do it that way?

The Shermans recently spent two weeks in the Philippines and their experience exemplifies why the Mosaic model works and how effective it can be!

We rely almost fully on in-country, indigenous leaders. In some countries we hire a local person or support a local pastor financially. In other countries, we support missionaries with their projects, either in their home country or in a country that is becoming their home. Then, when we are able to visit, we catch up, make plans, and see all of the work that is being done daily around the world. Instead of being effective in one country, we are able to be effective in four countries, simultaneously and sustainably.

In the Philippines, Pastor Edwin, his wife Jo, and the many churches they partner with are accomplishing mighty things for the Lord. Over a few weeks, Mark and his family not only got to see what is being accomplished there, but were able to confirm that our support has been helpful, effective, and transformative. By being on the ground for a few weeks, Mark and his family were able to continue building relationships that can help us be even more effective in the future.

Here are some highlights of what Mark and his family were able to accomplish in just two weeks on the ground:

  • They were able to meet with pastors that we have partnered with in disaster relief, but never met. Together they created a more strategic partnership for proactivity in typhoon relief going forward.

  • They visited a remote village that our partner, Edwin, has partnered with for five years. We have invested in relief work in this village, including access to solar power and food, sustainable agriculture and fish farming, and discipleship through the local church. In visiting, they got to hear stories of the impact on the local families.

  • They visited the future Dream Center! We partnered with local pastors to purchase some land for a church, student center, livelihood training, discipleship school, and more. This was a thrilling time to make plans for how to get the center built, staffed, and maintained.

  • They attended the baptisms of 15 new disciples at a beach near the base of a volcano. These were a result of outreaches by youth, men, and other members of the current Dream Center and church.

And all of this was just a snapshot of what they were able to see and do in two weeks. Yes, our founder and some of our staff live in various parts of America, but in partnering together with pastors in different nations, and in spending quality time when we can, we are able to accomplish more than we could ever have imagined!

If you ever have questions about the Mosaic model, please don't hesitate to contact us. We love sharing about the ways God is working through our partners and through financial contributions.

And to the Sherman family, welcome back to the States! We cannot wait to hear more about your time in the Philippines and to move forward with our ministry in that beautiful country.


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