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"The Heavens Opened for Us"

If you have ever attended a church service, you know that worshiping through music is a large part of the experience. Each church denomination or individual congregation does it differently. Some have lights and production teams, some sing a Capella. Some churches sing three songs, others can sing for hours.

In Rwanda, Fatherhood Ministries is passionate about worshiping through music. Many African nations have a tradition of worship that is exciting, with dancing and jumping, but like all of our churches, the performance and entertainment factor can creep in and become larger than the goal of encountering Christ in a real and meaningful manner. Fatherhood Ministries seeks to change this by uniting worship leaders to learn, grow, and encounter God together.

With this goal in mind, they are preparing to take 15 church members to Kenya next week for their Worship Revival Conference.

In the weeks leading up to their conference, they have prepared their hearts through devotions, times of meeting together, and seeking God in their Sunday services. Our Field Director, Daisy, describes one worship service this way:

"There was a genuine hunger and thirst for an encounter with God. We had a hard time ending the worship service. As we continue to pray for the Kenya Worship Revival Conference our hearts seek for more."

At Mosaic, we have been so encouraged by how God is moving in Rwanda and the surrounding nations. We are humbled by Pastor Pacifique, Daisy, and the team as they seek God fully, eager to do what He has called them to do, passionate about making church services solely a place to encounter God instead of being entertained.

"Our hearts are expectant and we are ready," Daisy wrote to use recently. As they prepare for their journey to Kenya, will you pray with an expectant heart? Will you ask God to be with them, to guide them, to care for them, and to move in mighty ways?

We are inspired by the work of Fatherhood Ministries and we look forward to sharing more stories with you in the days to come!


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