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The community center is looking GOOD!

When the typhoon hit land 5 months ago, Bicol was the first region hit. Needless to say it took the brunt of the devastating impact, tearing down homes, churches, roads, and more. Pastor Edwin's church & property (pictured below) was no exception.

Thankfully no disaster can disarm the hope of the local church! In fact it elevated their ability to be a light to their community in a difficult time. They've gone into the nearby neighborhoods and rural areas to bring food, repair roofs, and share the good news. Since then COVID-19 hit and they have helped hundreds of families with critical provision of food & basic supplies. 


In partnership with other individuals and churches around the world, together we have played a role in rebuilding what was lost, and even stronger than before. Thank you!

Let's take a look at where we're at right now:

As you see above, the fence & church were leveled completely, whereas the new perimeter wall and church (below) are solid, secure, and safer. The church is even equipped with electrical wiring and outlets now!

The children's church didn't exist 5 months ago but is now 80% complete. Once the lockdown is lifted they will be able to purchase remaining supplies and put the finishing touches in place! The image below was taken when I was there in December, the other photo was taken in the exact same spot last week. 

In the future Pastor Edwin will establish a Bible training facility to equip and send out church planters all over the Philippines. The accommodation rooms have been built and are also at 80%. Windows & doors will come next.

Together we're building much more than physical structures - we're building a place of total transformation where people of all ages will be discipled & find purpose; where children will have a safe place to play; where students will have dependable wifi and laptops to excel in their studies; where couples will come for counseling, and those who feel called to the ministry will be housed, trained, and sent out!

We've come a long way and want to thank you for making it possible. There is much still to be done and we invite you to be part of this exciting new chapter in this region of the Philippines! To join our tribe of generous givers, click below and we'll get you set up in no time :) 

Better Together,



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