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One of those BEAUTIFUL Days!

. . .in Tanzania, Belize, and wherever you are too!

In a village called Kisangesangeni (say that three times fast!) in the country of Tanzania, there is a pastor named Erasto. He is a faithful servant of the Lord and one of Mosaic's church partners.

Just a few weeks ago, he, along with our Field Director Vickie and her husband Francis, held a conference for 170 adults and 115 children with lunch provided. The goal was to teach the Word of God, Holy Spirit ministry, deliverance and salvation.

It was "one of those beautiful days" as Francis put it to us in a message. The team of pastors were able to connect with many village members and also reconnect with 10 older gentleman that had been given a food donation a year ago. It was a wonderful glimpse of heaven as people excitedly learned about the power of the gospel and community.

In Belize, we have a Field Director named Stacee. She has been in the country for almost a year and is becoming well-known in her community. "Coach!" they shout at her, "Coach! When are we having another sports camp??" Realizing that the community was asking for more, Stacee has started hosting and planning sports day camps and clinics for the community. At her first one, over 50 kids showed up. After almost a year in the country, her relationships are deepening. Trust is being fostered. As she referees a volleyball game or coaches a local group of kids, it is a small glimpse of what God has in store not just for Stacee, but for her church, community, and the country of Belize.

All across the world, God is making Himself known. He is giving us glimpses of heaven, of His Kingdom, in the here and now. People are finding joy in the knowledge of Christ's sacrifice and peace in the generous community that is the local church. Yes, we at Mosaic get to rejoice with our international partners often as they share the "wins" of their ministry, but we also need to be aware and a part of how God is moving in our own communities, neighborhoods, and churches.

He is moving in Tanzania. He is moving in Belize. How is He moving in your life?

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