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Meet Our New Communications Director!

We are over the moon excited to share this BIG announcement with you...

As you know we hired Vickie Njogu as our Field Director in Tanzania earlier this year. Vickie has done a stellar job bringing us to the next level in East Africa. The momentum there is awe inspiring.

At the same time we have been praying for God to bring us amazing people to our US based team as we deepen the impact in the communities we're already invested in, expand into new territories, and ultimately transform more lives.

God has answered our prayers. Without further ado, we are honored to introduce you to (drumroll please)... Meredith Mayberry!

Meredith grew up as a missionary kid in England and has worked across the globe from Spain, to India, to Apache reservations and the inner city in Dallas, Texas. She holds a Master's Degree in Intercultural Studies & Development from Fuller Theological Seminary and is passionate about empowering the local church to help their communities grow economically as well as spiritually. Meredith is married to Jeff and together they live on a farm in the Southeast corner of New Mexico with their two dogs and six chickens! She loves to hike mountains as a tangible representation of overcoming obstacles and achieving goals despite hardship.

We have big dreams for Mosaic on the horizon and a number of exciting projects coming up in 2021 and Meredith's experience is going to be critical to the success of those initiatives.

She is going to be leading the way in a number of areas around marketing, development, and communications which is why her title is officially "Communications Director." At this moment she will be part time but secretly (not so secret actually) we would LOVE to be in a place to increase her hours as the Lord provides the means to do so.

As our Communications Director you'll be hearing a lot more from her, so keep a look out for her name on future newsletters and posts!

Plenty more to come but for now we invite you to join us in giving Meredith a very warm welcome from our beautiful Mosaic International family.


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