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Is it Weird to Ride My Bike Alone?

When everything went virtual in 2020, things got a little weird. All of a sudden we were making zoom calls, wearing pajama pants all day, attending virtual conferences, and running virtual 5ks. We were somehow super connected even though we were all stuck in our homes or avoiding crowded places. The pandemic, in some ways, taught us how much we need human interaction, how much we need hugs and being physically together. It also taught us the inordinate possibilities of virtual connection.

This month we are holding a virtual do-it-yourself bike ride and fundraiser. But you may be wondering, how does riding your bike on your own help churches around the world? Why would you pay money to go on a ride around your neighborhood, something you can honestly do for free?

First, there is solidarity and connection in riding with people around the country and the world on the same day. There is strength in the commitment to ride, even just a mile or two, with other people all doing it for the same cause. We simply cannot bring together everyone in Mosaic for a ride together (we wish we could!!) when we have people riding in the Philippines, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Tanzania, and more. And personally, we think there isn't better motivation than picturing the other people riding "with" you around the world.

Second, yea, $50 may seem like a lot to ride your own bike. But that $50 goes a long way at Mosaic International. Fundraising is hard, therefore we are super intentional with any money we are able to raise. $50 can buy over 5 years of safe drinking water for a family in one of the countries we serve. $50 can provide solar lanterns for a home, food for a month, or purchase supplies for a church conference in rural Tanzania. $50 goes a long way in countries where many people live on less than $2 a day.

We hope you will register and ride your bike with us on October 23rd or 24th. Everyone who signs up reminds us that we are not alone, that we are part of a global community that loves the local church and believes in pastors around the world. To us, riding your bike on October 23rd or 24th is a part of changing the world.


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