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Holy Tuesday

Truth be told, I can't guarantee I would have been the one with the palm branch in my hand - I may have had a stone instead.

looking over the city of jerusalem in israel on a group tour of the holy land

Jesus entered the city of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives on Palm Sunday with people shouting "Hosanna!", a passionate plea to be saved. On Monday he flipped the place upside down when he saw the religious elite exploiting the outsiders and outcasts.

On Holy Tuesday, it's no surprise Jesus faced opposition with the religious leaders of Israel because he wasn't following their rules. They tried to create traps and prove that he was a liar and a troublemaker who wanted to overthrow their power.

However, Jesus kept telling the truth and showed them where they were wrong. At that time, Jesus also warned his followers that the Roman army would come and destroy Jerusalem and its temple. His disciples didn't understand and asked him when it would happen.

In a speech called the Olivet Discourse, Jesus talked about what would happen in the future, but he didn't give a lot of specifics. He said that he would die, but he would come back to life again and eventually create his Kingdom on Earth. He told his disciples to be careful of people who claimed to know when the end of the world would happen because nobody knows for sure. Instead, Jesus urged them to stay focused on his message of love and to keep sharing the good news with everyone.

As I stood in the temple plaza I couldn't help but be overwhelmed knowing that this is the place where the story unfolded. To be inspired by Jesus' unwavering commitment to the truth and his message of love. Despite facing opposition and persecution, he stood firm in his beliefs and showed us the way to live.

He flipped the tables because he was ensuring an upside down Kingdom.

Today I closed my eyes and not just reflected back on Jesus' predictions and teachings but also his unending love and mercy and grace for someone like me.

Truth be told, I can't guarantee I would have been the one with the palm branch in my hand - I may have had a stone instead.

And yet Jesus still chose the cross.

Good Friday is just around the corner, and we are reminded of the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made for us all. As we continue our journey through Holy Week, let us reflect on the lessons we can learn from Jesus' life and teachings. Let us also strive to follow in his footsteps by spreading love and compassion to those around us.

Because guess what? Easter is just a few days away.

Stay Tuned.

view of the western wall in jerusalem, israel

overlooking the temple mount in jerusalem from the mount of olives

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