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Help Connect the Global Church!

A Guest Post by Daisy, our Field Director in Rwanda

There wasn’t a greater way to end the year 2022 than highlighting what God has done to the Body of Christ in Africa. Through the Morning Joy for All Nation, an arm of the Fatherhood Sanctuary founded by Pacifique Hakizimana, Africa has had an opportunity to connect to the global Church through the Kingdom Business Forum and the presence-filled Worship Training and Revival Conferences.

Kingdom Business Forum

The Kingdom Business Forum was powerful from the 9th to the 11th of November 2022.

Themed "Bridging the Marketplace Gap: Shaping the Future of Christians in Business through Kingdom Principles and Values," the conference brought together key business leaders and owners, Government officials, entrepreneurs, and pastors from six nations- USA, Ireland, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, and the Host, Rwanda.

With the main focus of balancing the spiritual and physical aspects of life, the conference,

through the contribution of our 12 Speakers, was able to bring to light the following areas:

1. Goodbye Babylon - Putting the Marketplace back into the Kingdom.

2. The Groanings - Addressing a poverty mindset within the church

3. Reintegrating Spiritual Life with Personal Life

4. One Body - Breaking the Stigma and addressing the separation between church and


5. Creating a Kingdom environment within the Marketplace

6. Recognizing the importance of Christians in the marketplace

7. Creating a Christian Marketplace Environment & help Pastors disciple their marketplace leaders

8. Let’s Talk about Sheep - Creating sustainable businesses that honor God and transform


9. Establishing a Kingdom-Minded Network of Individuals Pursuing a Unified Goal

10. Practically stewarding money in a Kingdom way.

11. Seeking opportunities to mentor young people in kingdom-minded business ways.

12. Waiting or Wanting: What is it to be a Kingdom Businessman or Businesswoman?

In addition, the attendees we able to go for an industrial visit. The conference was a great platform that saw those in attendance connect to each other both spiritually and physically. We believe that networks and partnerships were created through the

Kingdom Business Forum. Also, the young in the Kingdom Business Concept were able to

connect with mentors who will see them through the journey of growth in Kingdom Principle

and Values. Our heart is to create a Global Kingdom Business People movement based on Trust. Already plans for the next year’s meeting are underway.

Fatherhood Gospel Music

This year Fatherhood Gospel Music has made great progress through:

1. The Kenya Revival and Training Worship Conference that happened in April.

2. The Rwanda Worship Training Conference that happened in October.

3. Ongoing online Worship Training between teams in the USA, Kenya, Rwanda, and


4. Monthly worship experience.

The conferences, meetings, and training have created a great impact as we have witnessed

worship leaders surrender to the Holy Spirit's lead and encounter God face to face. At the end of every meeting, we hear testimonies of the great movement of God. Moreso, there is such a hunger and thirst for God's presence among all the members of the Fatherhood Gospel Music.

“Our heart is to see that entertainment and performance are eradicated from worship services. We shall not stop until we see the Kingdom come!”

-Pacifique Hakizimana.

As we usher in the year 2023, our hearts yearn for more. We say Yes to what God is doing in Africa, and we believe God for more global connections. Special thanks to Mosaic International for the prayers and support. Your great contribution to the Fatherhood Sanctuary and Morning Joy for All Nation Vision has borne great fruits for the Kingdom.

More Blessings!


Field Director



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