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Happy Father's Day!

Whenever we connect with our International partners, we see fathers shepherding their flock.

On phone calls with Francis and Vickie in Tanzania, we wait while Francis helps put their children to bed. Our founder, Mark, daily balances the responsibilities of being a parent to his two girls while also managing the day-to-day operations of Mosaic.

Our ministry partners in Rwanda named their ministry "Fatherhood Sanctuary" and they live out the love and care of our heavenly Father as they provide for men, women, and children.

In Belize, Stacee works alongside Pastor Michael Evans, the father of her friend, who has shepherded his community in Dangriga for over 25 years. And in the Philippines, we watch Edwin balance his family in the States with the church family he and his wife have built in villages across the Philippines.

So many of the local churches we walk alongside are led by fathers who take on not only the responsibility of their families at home, but also act as a loving and comforting father to their churches and communities.

Fathers play many roles, but in every country it is the same. They are the ones that we look to for strength and comfort. They are the ones who pick us up, dust us off, and remind us that we serve a loving God, who is the most perfect Father possible.

Today we thank you, dads, for the ways that you love and care for us! And we thank all the men who have stepped up as surrogate fathers, who have pointed us to God our Father, and who love their communities well.

Happy Father's Day!

-The Mosaic International Team


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