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Cultivating CHANGE in 2022

Cultivation work is what farmers do to prepare the land for planting and is often done through tilling or preparing the land for the planting of crops. It looks different depending on what country you're in, but the goals and outcomes are the same.

The harvest for next season depends on what you do in preparation for it.

In 2021, the pastors and leaders we support in East Africa, The Philippines, and Belize have worked hard to cultivate change in their communities. They have seen fertile soil for the growth of God's community and have put in the hard work it takes to bring God's word to fruition. We are so proud to be a part of these communities and grateful that we are able to provide resources and support for their work!

Over the next few weeks we are going to be sharing stories from the field (no pun intended!) of the beautiful work God has done through your generosity and the generosity of others (both members of The Circle aka our monthly giving community and also those who have sown one time donations.) We will share the wins of 2021 and the hopes and plans for an incredible new year ahead.

We hope that these stories will inspire you to make the ground fertile for the seeds we hope to plant in 2022. For Mosaic International, year-end giving and monthly financial donations are the water that feeds the ground and makes everything possible for future growth.

This holiday season, we hope that you will pray & consider sowing financially to the mission of Mosaic International and/or connect us with friends of yours who may be interested.

We're praying for $20,000 of year-end giving in order to fund next year's projects and have already received an incredible donation of $10,000 to get us started!

God has been doing amazing things through our partners on the ground and we believe that next year will be even better.

Will you join us this month in order to cultivating change around the world in 2022? Would you be willing to connect us with someone in your circle who might want to change the world with us? Let's chat.

We’re lucky to have you as part of our family. Thank you for believing in a better world with us.

– Your friends at Mosaic International


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