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Announcing Our Second Annual RTC!

Did you know that we work with over 50 indigenous pastors around the world? These are pastors of small village churches, pastors connected to remote tribes, and pastors working in cities. Every week our circle of pastors is increasing. As our teams on the ground hold conferences, pastoral retreats, and regional meetings, we are seeing unity increase among pastors of all different denominations. With these connections, we are able to actually help where help is needed. It is an incredible network!

SO! We are excited to announce that on October 1st we are going to hold our Second Annual Reverse the Cycle Ride! This was great fun last year as people from California to New Mexico to Colorado to Tanzania and the Philippines rode their bikes to raise money for Mosaic International. This year, we want to raise funds for the initiatives of our local pastors around the world and we are excited to introduce them to you over the next few months on our social media pages!

If you aren't familiar with RTC, this event is for everyone! If you and your family want to ride, there is a discount for just doing a fun ride around town, the park, or your neighborhood. Or for all of you serious riders out there, you can do a 25, 50, or century mile ride (100 miles) and every person will get a personalized page to raise extra funds by getting friends to sponsor your ride. It is a blast on the day of to see people riding "together" all over the world! We really hope that you will participate this year!

It is really easy to sign up. Just go to for more info (or to be taken directly to the registration page). This year, everyone will get medals and some other fun Mosaic goodies that you can keep or share. That's right, medals!

The Mosaic community (that's you!) is amazing and spread out over the entire US. Since we can't be together in one place, we rejoice in coming together in a common fun event for a common goal- to continue equipping local pastors in developing nations to be the hands and feet of Jesus in their communities!

Sign up today and keep an eye on our social media to meet some of the pastors that inspire us over the next few months!


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