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Adapting the Vision in Tanzania

In Tanzania, we aren't just connected to one church. We are connected to many churches throughout different towns, cities, and villages. Vickie and Francis are our feet on the ground, connecting with this network of pastors, finding out their needs, and making it all happen. As they have reevaluated their work in the last few months, they have reaffirmed what they already knew- that the local, small village pastors need our support, care, and assistance in what excites them and their ministries.

"I don't want to come in and build people a yellow church when what they really wanted was a green one." Francis explained as we caught up with him and Vickie the other day. "We need to be adaptable to the passion of that specific church and then come in and help with their vision, not our own agenda."

So when our Tanzania team suggested a marriage conference at the church of our friend Erasto, and he said that really what they were passionate about was children's ministry, the team pivoted to support this pastor's specific vision for his congregation.

On July 2nd, they will hold a Children's Conference at Erasto's church to try and encourage more children to find a home with this church community. There will be Bible teachings, crafts, hands-on activities, play time, and lunch for 250-300 children, ranging from 3-13 years old. 250 to 300 kids!!! Wow!

"The true goal," they told us, "is for the children to know that Erasto's church is a safe place for them."

Then in August, Vickie and Francis are hoping to hold an adults conference, also at Erasto's church, to bless him for his hard work and support in all of Mosaic's endeavors. They are hoping that this event will bring a revival to Erasto's church. The conference will be for church members and leaders from the surrounding areas, with teaching and community building.

But that is not all! Our team on the ground has seen the sacrifices churches make to attend their quarterly conferences and have decided to hold a conference for around 300 adults on July 16th in a new area. The people in this area have been faithfully coming to the past conferences, but have had to sacrifice to afford the bus fare. Therefore, the team is bringing a conference closer to them!

For the conference in on July 16th, the food, tents, and chairs will cost about $600 USD. For the children's conference on July 2nd, the food will cost about $300 USD. If you would like to be a part of providing for programs and needs such as these, consider taking the Just 1 Hour Challenge and donating one hour's wage to Mosaic on a monthly basis. What a huge difference you can make with Just ONE Hour!

Vickie and Francis have such a heart for the work of the Lord in their country, for the pastors that they partner with, and for the issues that their area may face in the year to come. They are constantly seeking God's wisdom as they care for local pastors and we are always encouraged by their grace, wisdom, and hard work. We cannot wait to see what God does through these conferences in the coming weeks!


For the preparations

For hearts to be open to hearing the message of the gospel

For safety in travel

For pastors to be blessed and know they are supported and cared for


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