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Moving Forward in Rwanda

In Rwanda, COVID restrictions have taken a toll. Amidst the uncertainty there have been early curfews, mandated church closures, and lockdowns that have restricted movement between Districts.

In rural districts and urban centers alike, the pandemic has caused a lot of frustration, turmoil, and fear.

But this has not stopped our partner, Pastor Pacifique and his wife Eunice Kendi, from continuing to believe in the good things God can do in their community. Pacifique seems to embody the belief that so many of us have struggled to hold onto in the last year- that God can and is still working miracles in the midst of the chaos and isolation of a pandemic.

Their vision started bearing fruit in 2009, when Pacifique and Kendi decided it was time to act on the plans that God had stirred in their hearts. They began Fatherhood Sanctuary to "reveal the father's heart to the people. . .which is the heart of love, forgiveness, mercy, and care." Isn't that beautiful? Just the way Pacifique describes that heart of God makes me want to seek and know Christ better. His ministry has four parts which all speak to a different group of people.

Through their work, they are able to reach pastors, community members, vulnerable children, widows, single mothers, and more.

We have been so excited to help support the ways Pacifique is putting this into action.

Though COVID has caused some roadblocks, Pacifique has plans for his church to build a multi-functional training center that includes a pastoral and church leader training complex, vocational training for vulnerable women and girls (Hope Center) and the school called Glorious Academy.

Already they have admitted their first group of Pastors and Church Leaders into a training session! Pastor Pacifique says he is "humbled to see pastors and church leaders who are committed to be trained in order to be effective in ministry as they partner with God in fulfilling His purpose on earth."

We are humbled to be a small part of the incredible work that Pacifique and his church community are doing and excited to continue showing you the difference you're making in Rwanda!



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