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552 Families Served (COVID-19 Response)

Wherever you are in the world right now, there's a good chance life has been affected in some way by COVID-19.

I've spoken with friends who have lost loved ones and with pastors here in the States who are are working hard to navigate new realities while continuing to spread the Good News to their churches in the midst of these unprecedented times. I've also enjoyed following the stories of what dear friends are up to in quarantine right now in just about every corner of the globe. 

As stated in the personal letter I wrote last week, I want to emphasize as much as possible that we are here for you, and if there's anything at all that I can do to support you and your family at this time, don't hesitate to reach out. 

Though we may all be in our own homes, we are still together in this and will continue to fight together for the health of our families, friends, and communities.

Our commitment also extends to the most vulnerable children and families in the communities we operate in.

Thankfully, Mosaic is uniquely positioned to respond to crises just like COVID-19 because our heart and mission is to encourage and equip the local church to meet tangible needs in their communities. Needless to say, there are many families and individuals in dire need of assistance, such as in Rwanda & the Philippines where they are not only in strict lockdown but are at a high risk of starvation. 

I've been in constant communication with the pastors we partner with to encourage them and also come up with strategies to prevent further spread of the coronavirus such as promoting good hygiene and social distancing. I'm proud of the proactive leadership they've taken, such as Pastor Edwin (Philippines) who is working with local officials to identify the poorest families in their district and make sure we can assist them, together. 

With that said, I'm blessed to report that with your support, Mosaic has played a role in providing basic food and necessities to 552 families in 3 nations, including 45 widows in a special outreach in Tanzania. Depending on the number of children and relatives in their homes, this could easily mean that at least 2,000-3,000 people will be able to eat while in lockdown. These meals will save lives.

And of course, as they receive life's most basic necessities, they are also experiencing the tangible love of Jesus in their lives thanks to the love extended to them through local churches in their communities!

So take a moment to scroll down and see what your support looks like, right now, in the midst of a global pandemic. The stories of thanks are continuing to roll in, and they have all been made possible by your generosity.

God bless and thank you.

Praying for you!



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